A Few of My Favorite Things (and April/May Julep Review)

Yes, I'm stalling on writing a race recap for the Snohomish Women's Run, but it's also been a long time since I've shared favorite things. I've received TWO Julep boxes since my last review.  

April Box
 In April, I went for the Classic with a Twist box and really love 'Caitlin' the pink color:

The orange color 'Mariska' is fun, but a little on the neon side and I think it's best for fun toes.  I also really love the blush.  It's a flattering color, goes on nicely, lasts and is in a really sturdy mirror compact.  My only complaint is that the powder is a bit loose, so I have to be careful so it doesn't end up all over my bathroom counter.

May box
In May I went back to my usual Boho Glam box and love both polishes: 'Jeanne' a fun and versatile blue and 'Paulette' a light violet color with a little shimmer.  This was also the month that the much ballyhooed Plie Wand arrived.  I did try it out and it's actually kind of cool.  I have to keep trying it, but in general, it's easy to switch between polishes and definitely easier to handle than any standard polish brush.

Recently, I broke out my first pair of Toms sandals and they did not disappoint.  They are just as comfy as regular Toms, going a full day of hoofing it around town with the kids on their first wear with nary a chafe.  WIN.  I love the Nordstrom exclusive Jonathan Adler designs and the ones I purchased are on sale!   

I'm adding new must haves to my Trader Joe's list: every single one of these fruit preserves.

For the longest time, we'd buy the huge jars of organic strawberry jelly from Costco for the kids pb&j's (of which the eat a metric ton per week).  I just felt like it was overly sweet and decided to try the TJ's low sugar variety.  Now we have every flavor and can't get enough of them.  I'm particularly fond of the apricot on the TJ's Greek yogurt with granola.  

Speaking of favorite food finds, if you have Boars Head deli meat in your area, definitely get yerself some Blazing Buffalo Style Roast Chicken.  OMG, this stuff is amaaaaazing!  I normally don't get chicken deli meat, but this is a notable exception.  

Last favorite thing, I got a new handheld water bottle, as my nearly 3 year old Amphipod was getting kind of gnarly.  I really wanted something that could accommodate my Nuun bottles and went with the Nathan Quickdraw.  It took me a little while to get used to, but now I love it.  I recommend not using the thumb hole and just placing your thumb above the hole.  I don't feel like I'm losing my grip at all and it's easy to tighten periodically while running with just a little pull on the strap.  

Even though I shared my Spotify playlist, I figured it's been awhile since I added songs to my master playlist, so here are three recent faves pulled from my Spotify - enjoy!

Take Me Home by Cash Cash

Dare You by Hardwell

Find You by Zedd (this is not at all new, and they even played it during the end credits of Divergent.  But I still love it, love Zedd.)