This Weeks Eats 1/27/13

OK, you guys?  You HAVE to make the seven flavor beef from Wild Ginger.  We could not get enough of it and were contemplating eating it again this week, and that's something we never do - outside of pizza, of course.  I couldn't find fresh bean sprouts, so I used a ton of baby bok choy, one of my favorite vegetables: so, so, so good.  We'll refrain this week and probably make it next week...  As for the other recipes from last week, I must say that I did enjoy the crockpot cream cheese chicken chili (quite the alliteration).  We added red and green peppers, onion and garlic, because I can't imagine chili without those ingredients.  I think I'll add only 1/2 the cream cheese called for to make it a little less thick next time.  Also, I love, love, loved the Pioneer Woman's spinach and artichoke pasta.  I used Beecher's flagship cheese (a must try if you are ever in Seattle) instead of jack/mozzarella and a can of diced tomatoes (drained) and it was almost too pretty to eat; I even took a picture!

The only caveat, my husband didn't like it!  "I'm just not a huge fan of cheese sauces."  To me, this is like saying, "I don't like chocolate."  Whaaa??  Ah well, I'll make it on the sly as often as I can.  We each have our dishes that the other one doesn't like.  He's loves chicken paprikash and jumbalaya which makes me go, "meh."  In my opinion, if you're going to pair chicken with tomatoes, there has to be cheese involved, like chicken parmesan, artichoke chicken or enchiladas.  Can you tell I love cheese?


  1. I love the new header! Now I'm intrigued by that beef... I'll have to check it out!

  2. I will be pinning almost all these recipes-- they look so good! I definitely need to make the seven flavor beef ASAP, it sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!