Friday Things, and How to Hide Friends From Your Facebook Feed

Man, this week... this day...  I think I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment, because looking back on last Friday, I wasn't in the best mood either.  This week, the main culprit was sickness.  I woke feeling horrible Sunday morning and didn't eat anything all day.  I was running a fever of about 101 through Tuesday and maybe had some waffles and saltines the first two days of the week.  Since I was feeling better by Wednesday, I tried a short run yesterday and even an 11 minute mile felt like an uphill climb.  Blaming it on the soul-sucking treadmill, I decided to get as many miles of the 9 my plan called for done today.  I managed just over 7 in almost an hour and twenty minutes (suuuuuck) and I felt like my muscles were falling apart.  I know that my body is probably still healing from whatever bug I had, so I suppose this is a lesson to be learned: even if you're feeling better, don't have high expectations.

Also this week, holy crap, can we all get a break from polarizing news subjects??  It was bad enough when I hid a chunk of friends and family members from my Facebook feed during the election, then Newtown happened and there went another, albeit small, handful of people that just made me want to punch walls on a daily basis.  Now, Lance?!?  There are seriously people who think he's still some sort of role model??  I suppose if you're a sociopath, he's definitely someone to look up to.  (side note, this is a great read, from a great perspective)  The last couple of months have really been testing my resolve to let sh*t go.  Sometimes I'd like to give up Facebook altogether; but, it's the only place where I can see pictures of my nieces/nephews, my best friends back home and their babies, stay in touch with so many nice and normal people...  So here's a tip on hiding, but not un-friending people on Facebook.  Hopefully it's not something you'll find yourself needing to do frequently:

1) hover over the picture of that person in your newsfeed, it should magnify the pic and show two options - friends/message
2) hover over the box with the checkmark next to the word friends - but don't click on it
3) a dropdown menu should appear where you can click on 'show in news feed' to un-check them, and Bob's your uncle

OK, on to my song o'the week.  While I'm ranting today (sorry! I'll be back to normal soon!) I must admit I'm a bit disappointed with Mr. Timberlake's new song.  I was excitedly anticipating it's release, as I think he's awesome - and still do.  But, to me, this 'Suit and Tie' bizness sounds like the Bee Gees, and not in a good way.  Bummer.  Well, here's a song I'm loving lately:

Language by Porter Robinson

Happy Friday!

2013 Playlist
Cry for You by September
You Are My Diamond by Tiesto - featuring Kianna
Arguru - Deadmau5
We Are by Jus Jack & Oza, featuring Aeone


  1. HIding people from my FB news feed during the election was absolutely necessary! I've been sick lately too - treadmill runs do suck the life out of you... but GREAT JOB in getting the miles in. You the bomb.

  2. Yep I hid friends too. Of course I also refrained from even discussing the election, it wasn't worth the fight. I'm sure some have hidden me for my fitness/running posts. Oh well, their loss! :-)

  3. I've pretty much began the deletion process on FB. I've found over time that the majority of them are not necessary to my own life, don't really care about me, and then have such off-the-charts extreme world views that I simply don't even want to maintain contact. My list is now down to about 120 people now and it is usually pretty mild now. I removed all the volatile and frankly, mean ones :)