Marathon Training - Week 5 and Psyching Myself Out

First things first, week 5 workouts:

  • Monday - planned: 3 miles, tempo-ish (completed! kept about a 9:15 pace, which is a decent tempo for my goal of a 10 min race pace)
  • Tuesday - planned: rest  (completed! I WIN at resting!)
  • Wednesday - planned: 3 miles, 800s (NOT feelin' 800s, did 3.75 miles with 1 minute at 8:30-45 every 4 minutes of 9:30 min miles.  And it looks like I was supposed to do 5 miles - whoops!)
  • Thursday - planned: bootcamp (completed! was a great class)
  • Friday - planned: rest/maybe some elliptical (no elliptical, since I was busy visiting a preschool with baby girl)
  • Saturday - planned: 10 miles (completed! begrudgingly! in the POURING, COLD, RAIN. I allowed myself a couple of walk breaks and slowed it down, averaging 11 minute miles)
  • Sunday - planned: yoga and extra stretching (I did do my daily stretching with some extra yoga moves, and arm/core work)

  • I must say, I'm so glad that my buddy who works at the Brooks outlet clued me into their line of Gore Tex shoes - they have saved my feet, for sure, on all these rainy and puddle filled runs.

    Adrenaline ASR GTX
    Some folks aren't into the black shoe, but I could care less what they look like, my feet are HAPPY

    Since making the decision to train for a marathon, I've noticed that I'm in my head a lot more when running.  To be more precise, I'm totally psyching myself out lately.  I used to really enjoy the easy solitude of the long run, but now I can't get through one without drowning in doubt at least half the time I'm out there.  I'm mostly freaking out about injury.  Every little twinge or tic in my legs is major cause for alarm - specifically, my left hamstring/IT band that's been a source of consternation since September.  Yes, I foam roll, do PT exercises and stretch religiously every night.  Really, the only time it actively bothers me is when I've neared the end of a long run, I've been sitting for too long or when I first get up in the morning.  Basically, when my tired old lady muscles would hurt anyway.  Even before starting on this running journey, I'd still shuffle out of bed in the mornings, waiting for my creaking body to wake up.  So, every morning I wake with feelings of doubt and worry.  Gah.  And it doesn't help that most of us run first thing in the morning for the longer miles.  My task for this week is to not listen to any of my inner dialogue before 9 AM.  I'm so thankful that I have the most spectacular husband who's planning outings for the kids every Saturday so that I can run, and also still sleep in!  On Saturday, despite having to brave the craptastic weather for my first double digit run since November, at least I was well rested and didn't even head out the door until 9:30.  Ahhh.  Unfortunately, he has a lot of work to do this weekend - luckily the plan has a step back week...

    Week 6 Plan:
    • Monday - 3 miles
    • Tuesday - Rest
    • Wednesday - 5 miles
    • Thursday - Bootcamp/maybe an extra mile or two to equal 3 for the day
    • Friday - 7 miles
    • Saturday - Rest/maybe elliptical
    • Sunday - Rest or yoga



    1. Good work! I too worry about injuries- I need to keep stretching and invest in a foam roller. I ran Sunday and while it wasn't too rainy, it was cold and damp and I was SO ready to be done after about 8 miles. I hope we can run together soon!

    2. I love the word "craptastic"--I'm definitely going to try to work it into my vocabulary! I'm following a training plan for the first time ever to get me to my first half marathon at the end of April. I agree that I'm way more in my head when I run now than I was before the plan. This is also the first time I've owned a Garmin and it's a strange feeling to be so dependent on it's little digital display :) Can't wait to see some results for myself, and hear about yours!