2013 To Do List

Since I'm a type-A list maker, every January I think about what I'd like to get accomplished by the end of the year.  So, rather than making resolutions, writing a to-do list is something I can really get behind.  I've also added this list as a tab on the blog header with the intention of crossing items off as they get done.  And, like any to-do list, if some of them aren't completed it's no biggie.  I'll switch up goals as necessary or maybe I'll add them to next year's list.

I rather enjoyed this one from the Thought Catalog on 29 Ways to Make 2013 better.  Especially #26:

26. Don’t judge your success or your failure over the course of the year by your waistline.

Yep, none of that here.  Without further ado:

1. Get caught up on pictures taken at the end of the year and upload them to share with family (I always get behind on this and have lots of requests for pictures.  It's hard living so far away from family and it's one way we stay connected.)

2. Take one picture a day for an monthly online album and then a hard copy book at the end of the year (I love the photo a day concept and will do my best on this one with Instagram.)

3. Frame and hang more pictures of the kids (Last picture goal - we have so many of our kids and hardly any hanging in our home!  There's a photo collage frame we've had since we moved into our house, about two years before our first was born, and we've never switched out the pictures.  I think I should probably rectify this...)

4. Read 50 books (Goodreads has a handy tool to track my books and this might be a lofty goal, since I 'only' read 37 in 2012.  But I do love a challenge, especially one involving books.)

5. Run a marathon - the Eugene Marathon (No surprise here; I'll probably do a weekly training update for those following along.)

6. Do a trail run (maybe lure Chanthana out to WA for one this summer..)

7. Run 1000 miles total for the year (I started using Dailymile in mid March and since then I've run 677 miles.  I'm pretty confident that I ran about 825 total for 2012 and the extra 175 I need this year to reach my goal will mostly be covered by marathon training.  I hope.)

8. Run an overnight relay - Ragnar Northwest Passage (with Oiselle teammates!)

9. Volunteer for at least one race (Since I ran 11 races last year, I felt like I was already taking a bit of time away from the family and didn't want to ditch them more to go and volunteer.  This year is going to be about the same amount of mileage but in less races, so I will make the time.)

10. PR in something (I'm not going to get hung up on the sub 2 hour half this year, but it'd be nice to PR in something - I think I could handily get a new 5K or 10K one.)

11. Do more yoga (I have a Groupon that I let go by the wayside for hot yoga and I want to make this more of a priority.)

12. Go on another family overnight trip (This is somewhat aspirational; I just want to be able to sleeeeeep - so we'll see how well baby girl is doing with transitioning out of a crib, etc. before deciding on this venture.  Speaking of which...)

13. Potty train a soon to be three year old and transition her out of a crib (aieeeeeeee.  These are, in my opinion, the worst parenting tasks.)
14. Find a new eye doc, get new glasses (bo-ring, but if I don't write it down...)

15. Finally roll over that one lingering 401K into my existing IRA (again, bo-ring)

16. Make a will - even a free online one for the time being (maudlin! necessary evil!)

17. Make at least one new meal every two weeks (I was thinking about making one every week, but don't want to set myself up for failure - every two seems doable.)

18. Try something from Pinterest, other than food, once a month (hahaha, I'm not hopeful about this one - but I want to try.)

19. Make a loaf of bread (The only bread I've made from scratch are quickbreads or cinnamon rolls.  With all the talk of GMOs in our food, and the alarming rate at which my kids devour bread, this might be a new 'thing' around here.  We'll see - yeast scares me!)

20. Do a no shopping month (Well, everything but groceries.  I'd better find out from Sally when Oiselle will be in between seasons.  Because, right now, I'm freaking out from a bad case of 'BUY ALL THE THINGS' and almost to the point of hiding purchases from my husband!)


  1. You ARE a list maker! This is a great, not to mention ambitious, list of things to do. Of course, we particularly like #5 through 8. :)

    Cheers to a great 2013!

  2. What a spectacular list! I love the variety and the "do-ability" of all of it. I should really co-opt some of them for my own (#20 for sure!). If you need some help with #19, I have a great recipe for a rosemary sweet potato bread that is handwritten at the moment, but I'd totally be willing to type it up for ya. :) Also, as an insane devotee of bikram yoga, I think that #11 is a great idea for runners.

    And finally, after reading you list of things you adore on your "About" tab and nodding my head in agreement at nearly all of them, we'll definitely have to arrange a meet up in Eugene, or maybe Seattle if I can make up my mind about the Hot Chocolate run...

  3. I love your list! And the book challenge. Mine for goodreads is 50 also :) (also ambitious, but I'm on #2 already, so we'll see). Can't wait to read about your marathon training, and hopefully see you again this summer if I make it back out to Portland/Seattle for another conference!

  4. Great list! I"M DOING EUGENE TOO!@!! (assuming I can stay injury free) Sally L & I are training together too - you want to swap long run schedules to see if we can all team up? In the past, we've typically met up somewhere in Seattle on Saturdays around 7 a.m.

  5. As for #20...if my husband and I get divorced I am sending Sally the bill, because it will be her fault. Currently tracking a Oiselle package so I am sure to get it before my husband does.

  6. #15, the 401k to IRA rollover ... I had to do one of those a while back. Do you know if you can now roll it into a Roth instead of a Traditional? I thought I read some 'talk' on the internet about that somewhere. May be wrong, since at some point a tax will need to be paid on it.