Everyday Life and Menu Plan (1.22.17)

This was a pretty uneventful week, which I'm always thankful for! I did participate in a fun Instagram challenge some friends of friends started: 

We invite you to join us.
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This was my most liked photo, which ended up being a pretty nice shot, but I think most people could identify with the caption: Here they come - time for homework and bickering! Ha! I enjoy partaking in these, and even did a day in the life here awhile back. So join in next month if it sounds fun to you, too. 

And since I like to look back on these posts for posterity and want to remember this time (not just my hour to hour day) I should acknowledge the historical events that have transpired. I must admit that I spent most of the week off of Facebook (even less than my now limited engagement on my laptop or occasionally through Safari) except to push posts from here, answer a question about Hot Chocolate and use messenger. Friday felt like a very dark, scary and sad day. (Carnage? REALLY??) But I knew so many friends participating in the Women's Marches across the country, including many who traveled to DC, that I completely GORGED on social media Saturday and Sunday. So uplifting and inspiring! If people are going to distill this march down to one type of sign, which people seem wont to do, let it be this one:

So, even if I was not there, I want to always remember this historic Saturday and the way it made me feel. Like this amazing video:
I really wanted to take my family to Seattle's march, to be a part of history that rivals the marches of the Civil Rights or the Suffragette Movement. but my daughter had a birthday party, and you can't stand in the way of a six year old and a pinata... 
This week:

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  1. GAH! I really want to go see Hidden Figures! I'm so jealous! It looks like there was a wonderful turnout for the march in Seattle; we had over 7,000 here in Little Rock (I was shocked to find that there were more than about ten of us present - ha!) and that's quite a statement. This video you've shared is so great; I could listen to this over and over again. Hope you're having a good week, so far, Andrea!

    1. I LOVE that there were 7K marching! Those were some of the most inspirational marches, like one in Antartica. If you're calculating by percent of population, it's quite amazing :)