Everyday Life and Menu Plan (1.17.17)

A little late on the menu posting, the long weekend had me in a time warp... However, I had to convey how yummy this recipe is:
The Roasted Cauliflower Soup we tried last week was delicious! (Edited to add: I put crumbled bacon on top, which was a perfect accompaniment. Also, I'd advise using an immersion blender - they are invaluable!) 

I didn't put anything new on the menu this week, but I pulled a tasty meatloaf recipe from the archives that we haven't made in YEARS. Speaking of going through the archives, in case you missed it, I posted my annual list of favorite books here.

I got out with friends to see Hidden Figures and cannot recommend it enough. SO WONDERFUL! Go see it!
Yesterday we took advantage of our run of sunny and cold weather to take a stroll around Discovery Park.
We shall see how much rain we get this week...
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  1. I'm dying to see Hidden Figures; hopeful I can work it in to my weekend plans soon. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!