Everyday Life and Menu Plan 11.6.16

Schlepping around in the rain, sugar crashes, class party chaos is OVER! Let us rejoice and set our sights on the REAL holidays! Thanksgiving is nigh, and I shall spend the next few weeks thinking about all the new and wonderful things I will make and add to our menu - and probably not do any of it, but it's still fun.
We also enjoyed lots of bookish fun this week with the annual Literacy Night at our school with various games and activities, along with the beloved Scholastic book fair.
And today we hit up our local independent bookstore, Third Place Books, for lunch, browsing, and procuring the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid and our tickets to see the author, Jeff Kinney, in a few weeks!
My daughter has been obsessed with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory since her teacher has been reading it in class and they watched some of the movie, too. So we picked up the complete story that also includes Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and will start reading that with her this week.
We even had a break in our record rain today for a sunny trip to the park! Here's hoping for a few more lovely days and a peaceful election week ahead...

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