Everyday Life and Menu Plan 11.13.16

Well, no need to rehash this week, AMIRITE? We decided to go out for some soul soothing Tex Mex and margaritas on Friday and pushed last week's dinner back.

Also soothing is this podcast that I shared with a few friends via Facebook and Twitter:
Pantsuit Politics is the bees knees and an example of how bipartisan nuanced discourse is entirely possible! It's two gals, one Republican and one Democrat who promise no shouting, no insults and 'keep it nuanced' on politics. They are going to start a 'get out of the echo chamber' challenge and I can't wait to participate. In the interim, I'd suggest reading Hillbilly Elegy and then turn around and read this article. Also, I am vowing to curb anything I say on Facebook that might be construed as 'you conservatives!' Posting stuff that only gets likes from people that think the same way you do (and this goes both ways!) doesn't help much, other than to widen the divide, which I'm sure we all know is not solving anything. I have also removed the app from my phone and iPad! So if I forget to wish you a happy birthday or don't respond to something in a timely manner, it's because I shall only look at it while on my laptop, which happens pretty infrequently.

OKAY! FOOD! Y'all, Shutterbean's White Bean Soup from last week is the gift that keeps on giving. I love having it for lunches because it's easy to change up: I can put the prosciutto on, or throw in some salsa and avocado, or little Parmesan and brushetta. The list goes on.
This week I'll try to make room in the freezer for Butternut Squash soup...
As always, I'm linking up with Org Junkie - be sure to check out all the great weekly menus!


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