Everyday Life and Menu Plan 4.24.16

As I predicted, it was a nice and uneventful week around here! I eked out one last iced coffee before our unseasonably warm weather left us early in the week.

Another week, another picture of sandals and beverages apparently.

And I discovered my new food obsession of poke and Sam Choy's food truck. If you're local, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this deliciousness. 
I got the mixed tuna and salmon poke, lightly seared. Mmmmmmm.

We finished up the week with my daughter's first foray into outdoor soccer, and she an awesome job. It was also as entertaining as you might expect, seeing a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds running around the field.

I'm thinking that this week will be a repeat of last week, but not in the food department at least...  
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    1. haha! I thought everyone had these Birks - get yourself some!!