Everyday Life and Menu Plan 4.10.16

Last week was not what I'd call an 'ideal' Spring Break, by any stretch of the imagination. However we managed to persevere, and I can now hang up my 'Cruise Director' hat until summer. Things were thwarted by my youngest getting sick the weekend prior to break and then passing it on to me and her big brother for most of the week. Thankfully, I only got a week long sinus headache and a short lived/mild fever. My son was not so lucky and was hitting 102 for nearly three days straight. We did get out for a bit for some fresh air early in the week, so that I could get my run in and some sanity.

And when he was feeling a bit better, we got out to see Zootopia, which I really enjoyed - especially the Shakira theme song!
By the end of the week we were able to get out for a picnic lunch with friends.
And capped off the week with a family trip to the zoo, where I finally got to see the Grizzly Bears frolicking in the water which my kids had seen on a previous trip with their dad and I was rather JEALOUS.
We were also lucky to have such lovely weather through the weekend and even did a little work on this year's goal to get the wee one out of training wheels. She took a few turns on my son's old bike with the pedals off to work on balance before getting on her bike.
Lovely or no, I'm rather glad to be getting back to our regular routine and having the kids out of each other's hair for most of the day - because the bickering sure does ramp up during breaks...

This weeks eats:
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