Everyday Life and Menu Plan 3.20.16

Last week I had a hiatus on the weekly posting, due to ANOTHER wind storm power outage.  It was the third time in less than six months and we have the routine down pat.  Dinner out is definitely a highlight, as well as enjoying lanterns, candles and firelight.

Prior to that, we had a school in-service day and I thought it would be a fun diversion to hit up the super cool indoor pool, complete with tube slides.  
Only we had a nice little evacuation situation ten minutes after we arrived.  My daughter was the lucky one to discover the CONTAMINATION.  Yeah.  Like Caddyshack but not as funny.  I'm waiting on my mom of the year award for keeping the natives from rioting while waiting a half an hour to get back in to play. 

I've been enjoying my break from race training and just running for fitness, doing no more than six miles at a stretch and more cross training classes. The streak is still alive, it'll be two years on Memorial Day, and I am more than willing to bend this 6 mile limit for good conversation and good friends. 
Last week, eight miles flew by with my buddy Lauren, even at a slightly faster pace than my normal long runs! 

If you missed it, I highly recommended this book:
And this week was alllll about the vacay...
I'll probably have more to say about San Diego next week - and about what we ate, of course.  But for now, here's what's on the menu:

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