Everyday Life and Menu Plan 2.14.16

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!  We did an early celebration last night with our favorite at home date night meal.

Yes, it was just the two of us, but the first bottle of wine we opened was rather 'meh.'  So we HAD to run out and get two more, just in case.  Thankfully, the second one we opened was excellent.

I helped out with my daughter's Valentine's Day party and it was delightful and hilarious.  Also, did you know that Valentine's Day is like second Halloween for the kids?  Yep.  This is just one kiddo's haul.  And we took them out to get doughnuts this morning to add insult to injury.

We also had a couple of extra days off of school for mid winter break and utilized the time to have play dates with friends and a trip to the library.  The giraffe my daughter is holding is her class pet Jemima whom she is taking on adventures for the week!  

As for food this week...

As always, I'm linking up with Org Junkie, Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers - be sure to check out all the great weekly menus!


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