Everyday Life and Menu Plan 2.21.16

Another lovely week in the books!  We started the short week with a day off of school for President's Day, and enjoyed a late morning, brunch and a rainy day walk.

And I can't believe I became the owner of one of these crazy things this week:

Thanks to the awesome folks at Hot Chocolate, I receive some pretty darn awesome incentives!  The Apple Watch is not something I ever would have thought to buy for myself and, alas, it is WAY FUN.  I took it on a couple of runs and it definitely syncs up with my Garmin, and now I understand everyone's FitBit obsession.  I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing to be slightly fixated on my steps for the day, but I'll go with it!  And in a crazy turn of events, I will also be able to take another Hot Chocolate race trip.  I'm working on getting another vacation goin' with my husband.  We had our first trip since kiddos (in over 8 years) last year thanks to Hot Chocolate, and I'm pretty beside myself that we only had to wait one more year for another trip.

In other news, we've officially started collecting Original Funko Pop! bobbleheads.  I bought Rey last week and my husband was slightly envious, so he picked up Chewie and Vader, out of respect for our dogs.

Okay, on to menu planning!
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