Everyday Life and Menu Plan 1.31.16

It was definitely a fun-filled week around these parts!  Including the best kind of day: haircut day!

Since I usually do a big chop and then let my hair grow, it'd been over FOUR MONTHS since I did anything with my hair.  I feel so refreshed.

And I try to plan date nights on hair nights - one less thing to do while getting ready.  So we went out for margaritas at our favorite tex-mex joint.  I'm not doing so great on my goal of trying new restaurants out of the gate in 2016, but I DID try a new margarita (the blood orange) and two new dishes: the enchiladas poblanos and spicy-sweet brussels sprouts (ZOMG) from the specials menu.

It was also school conference week, which meant lots of half days and even a full day off when a transformer blew near our school.  No power and school was cancelled, on the day of our conferences, of course.  Thankfully we were able to get on BOTH teachers schedules the following day and, as usual, my kids make me really proud.
There was a LOT of crafting, going out for ice cream and even a little movie viewing.  

Now we have one nice full week until mid winter break the following week.  So many breaks!

This week's menu:

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