Everyday Life and Menu Plan 1.10.06

In keeping with my goal of more weekly Instagram pictures, I figured the weekly menu was as good a place as any to incorporate them!  

Whenever I ask her if she'd like to do soccer or ballet, she always comes back to the latter.

We FINALLY saw Star Wars!  It was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be, and then some.  The goal was to enjoy it without stress or distraction of the kids or crowds.  So now we have to figure out a time to take the boy child, as the girl child is probably a bit young for it. (And isn't as into it as her brother - yet.)

Some of my favorite ornaments, given as a bridesmaid gift and kept in a Marshall Fields box for posterity.
And the tree is put away for another year.  Wah.  349 days until Christmas!  At least today is a holiday of sorts with the Seahawks playoff game (quite a win there, I'm anticipating many Ace Ventura memes) that was clinched right as my son's indoor soccer team scored a goal - it was pretty hilarious and awesome.  

This week's menu plan:

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