This Weeks Eats 1.18.15

Hoo, boy - I'm coming off of some serious stress watching that Seahawks vs. Green Bay game!  I kept with our tradition of going to Costco during the first half, which I'm pretty sure we did during last year's NFC championship game. It is the BEST time to go to Costco.  We parked right in front, walked the aisles while listening to the game on the big TVs, easily ate samples, and did not have a single person ahead of us as we got to a checkout.  Plus, this is in keeping with my superstition of not watching the kickoff of any Seahawks game.  Guess I'll have to go take a shower or fold some laundry during the Super Bowl kickoff and buy a cake like we did last year...

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  1. I'm not a big football fan but wow that game ended with an OMG! Shocked in overtime.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your menu. Have a magnificent Monday!