A Few of My Favorite Things

I started up a Twitter conversation the other week about Paula's Choice skin care, and realized that I needed to do a new Favorite Things post, just so I could talk about it in even more detail.

I happened to come across a magazine ad for this product while at the gym the other day! It is not false advertising: can't live without, even for one day. Yep.
I want to shout about this stuff from rooftops, seriously.  For much of my life I've had pretty good skin.  There were bouts of acne in the teen years, and stress related stuff in my 20s, but on the whole I've only used two things on my face for the better part of 25 years with reliably good results: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and Cetaphil moisturizer.  I've never been into lots of products and if it ain't broke...  Yet, in my great approach to age 40 (and now beyond) I've suffered from more monthly breakouts, more redness, more irritated skin and the beginning of the dreaded wrinkles.  Womp, womp.  I noticed a number of my favorite people in the Twitterverse singing the praises of Paula's Choice, and specifically the BHA products.  I hated the idea of spending $20 on something that might not work, and could possibly make my skin freak out even more.  But!  They have little $5 sample packs of their products! Plus more samples of your choosing with each order, so I got this kit and a few samples of the 2% BHA liquid which I stretched out for a week.  I could tell the difference in my skin within a few days, and ordered this stuff up right away.  I have not seen a single blemish on my skin in TWO MONTHS PEOPLE.  Plus my skin seems less greasy, less irritated, there's less redness and my pores seem smaller.  It is pure gold.  Seriously, sometimes I'll just start touching my face because it feels so good.  Even better, they are local to Seattle, so I get my orders practically next day!

Speaking of some of my favorite people in the Twitterverse (and in real life, too!), I have to share the deets on these awesome REC Shirts from Beth Baker.  Beth is one of the coolest people in the Seattle running community, and beyond.  If you are in the area and are new to running, or are even just thinking about running, you must check out her coaching services at Running Evolution.  Actually, you can be anywhere in the WORLD, as she has some virtual options!  She has expanded her talents into Running Evolution Contract shirts and swag.  Contract?  Yes, you get a contract with the item you buy:

I think all runners need this for their fridge, and it doesn't hurt that the shirts are super cool and soooooooft.  I'm pretty sure that they will be for sale soon on the website, so keep an eye out.  Meanwhile, you can buy them at trunk shows she's hosting at running stores 'round Seattle.  There will be some at Super Jock n' Jill Green Lake for ladies night TOMORROW, the 14th and keep an eye on her Twitter for more trunk shows!

If you've actually been reading along with my Favorite Things posts, you might be wondering how I've filled that enormous Julep sized hole in my heart since I gave up my subscription.  I have the perfect answer and an awesome deal to share!  Shortly after I quit Julep, someone re-tweeted a screaming deal from Zoya.  (Again, the greatness of Twitter is hard to deny.)  Well, that offer of $15 for THREE polishes (including shipping) is back!  And they're sending a mini set of 'mystery' shades this time - exciting.  I really love that they are vegan friendly and free of toxins, because my four year old inevitably wants to paint her nails the same as mom.  
a favorite color: Dana
The polish goes on well and seems to have the same amount of staying power as OPI and the like.  This is a great was to get my nail polish fix for cheaper than Julep and I can pick any combination of three from 300 colors.  The deal goes through tomorrow (the 14th at midnight), just use NYNH at checkout.  

OK, lastly, we watched A Million Ways to Die in the West the other weekend and OH MY GOD it exceeded my very low expectations.  I really liked Ted.  Yes, I admit it.  But I was hesitant about the super talented Seth MacFarlane's latest as it didn't get nearly as much buzz.  It was HILARIOUS, and I thought it even better than Ted.  My husband still holds the fuzzy bear in slightly higher regard, but we were both crying with laughter over this one - great movie night entertainment. 
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