This Weeks Eats 9.21.14

We're having a guest for dinner this week - yay!  I'm so freaking excited that one of these gals (who's laugh I adore) happens to have a work trip to my neck of the woods.  She asked for a shout out on This Weeks Eats, so she's getting one.  Like all my hometown best buds, Clare and I go back as far as junior high.  Sadly I can't seem to dig up any pics more than 20 years old (I'm sure she's disappointed).  Well, there were some from the 8th grade field trip to DC, but they were huge group photos.  Here we are in 2000, though:

And of course, our 20th high school reunion in 2012, lookin' EXACTLY the same - riiiiight?

And whaddya know, this reunion pic was taken almost exactly two years ago - on my 10th wedding anniversary, I was hitting the town with these gals.  This week, my husband and I will be doing some fine dining for our 12th, which also coincides with our 10th Seattle anniversary.  Yep, we ended the epic road trip from Chicago on our 2nd anniversary.  Will give a full report on what we ate next week, as we are *gasp* venturing out from Daniels Broiler.

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