September Goals (and August Check In)

Recap on August goals...

finish up the 100 happy days challenge and do the one second a day app 
This was so much fun.  If you follow my Instagram, this is why I got a little heavy on the video!

Continue with the run streak.
I'm up to 103 days! As I said last month, gonna keep on keepin' on as long as it feels good.

Run smart in Bend and don't overdo it just because I'll be surrounded by a bunch of fasties.

Check!  I really did dial it down, maybe even too much - I was totally trying to chat people up the whole time I was running the 5K!  I had thought to do a long run at some point, but just did an easy 4 on the trails and it felt like the right decision.  It was about enjoying the run, and we sure did.

Yep, it was done when I wrote my last post, but worth repeating!

September goals:
  • The Women of Wonder is this weekend and I feel like this is the first race in awhile where I have some clear goals in mind.  I haven't been following a specific training plan, so I'm not sure if I'm in a position to PR.  But, I feel like my fitness is a lot better now than it was prior to my last 5K.  So I'm gunning for a sub 26 as my A goal and, judging by last year's results, maybe even an age group placement - given that I'm oh so old.
  • Conversely, I decided to switch down to the 10K for the Beat the Blerch race since I'm just in it for the cake and festivities.  Goal: major funning.
  • I think I'm just going to keep putting the run streak on my monthly goals, until I get knocked down with some awful sickness now that school has started...
  • Time for a car oil change, exciting!
  • Time to clean out the junk/storage closets, exciting!


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