Crock Pot Chili Round Up and This Weeks Eats 9.14.14

As I mentioned last week, I'm a big fan of having chili on Sundays in the fall.  There's not much better than an easy crock pot meal on a chilly night while watching football.  It's a wee bit difficult to imagine that right now, since we are having quite a heat wave here in Seattle.  But, we are Midwesterners who installed air conditioning in our house as soon as we possibly could, so it's alllll good.  I thought it'd be fun to share my favorite crock pot chili recipes and if you have any to share, please, please do so in the comments!

my adaptation of Pioneer Woman's Chicken Chili for the crock pot

Tequila Lime Turkey Chili from Pink Parsley
Cream Cheese Chicken Chili from Plain Chicken (I use 1/2 the cream cheese and it's still super tasty)
Steak Chili from Spoonful
Jalapeno Popper Chili from Everyday Reading
Pioneer Woman's Chicken Chili in the Crockpot - my own adaptation of her great recipe

And this week I'm trying an easy one pot chili mac, so I'll let ya know how that turns out...

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  1. Ooh, I need to try these! It's so cold this mornings... I've been craving soups and chili already.

  2. I have been craving chili, but it's kind of driving me crazy that the weather is too nice to make it. This native Northwesterner misses the cooler temps!

  3. I need to try some of these, we eat a lot of chicken!

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