The Stuff Kids Say...

I delved into this topic a little while ago when my son talked about who he was going to marry.  The kids crack me up on a daily, if not hourly, basis.  So, I really wanted indulge in a bit of mommy blogging and write some of this stuff down so I can remember...

On his way to his first Sounders game (really first professional sports outing ever), he asked if he was going to get a turn to play.  Um.

Last week as we were reading a book about sharks before bed (yep, always a great idea!), it touched upon the story of Bethany Hamilton.  He asked why she just didn't get a new arm.  Well, I suppose they make prosthetic arms, but I told him that we can't just get new parts to our bodies - or bodies in general.  Then his mind took a bit of a leap and he asked "Who was the first person?"  Er, like, EVER?  I told him that different people believe different things and that it's hard to know, because it would have been a looooong time ago.  "Some people believe that it was a man named Adam, other people believe that we evolved, changed little by little over a really, really long time, to become what we are today.  We're probably related to monkeys!"  "Oh my gosh, mom!  That is so cool!  WOW!"   

As we were driving to swim lessons, he was taking note of how dark it was outside compared to when we go to lessons in the summer.  "It's SO dark out!  I love when it's dark and all the glowing lights are on outside. I think this is where I belong - in the night."  Oooookay.  And of course, I started hearing Pat Benatar in my head.

Last week I got a call from the school nurse's office telling me that he was laid up with a fever and that I should come and get him if I could.  (Hoo boy, that's never a fun call: "Hi this is the nurse at your son's school...")  Anyway, when I went into the office to get him, the nurse said he was so cute when she asked if his mom worked.  "Oh yeah, she works."  She said something along the lines that it would be a bit harder to track me down if I wasn't at home.  "Oh no, she's at home, working on lots of laundry."  Thankfully it was not working on her iPad, phone, or sitting around drinking coffee.

At age three, my baby girl is mostly funny with her phrasing and still has the tiniest traces of baby talk.  When we went on our getaway to Orcas Island, she kept calling our hotel: the 'ho-intel.'  Which made my husband and I visualize undercover prostitutes. Hm.

Eye flash = eyelash.  This kills me.

Whenever we're getting her ready for a transition (yeah, you parents know of what I speak) we give the ol' five minute warning: in five minutes we're going to leave the park, etc.  She's become so immune to this that instead of asking for 5 more minutes, she holds up both of her tiny hands and says, "Can I have lots of minutes?" I could say, sure have 1,000 more minutes or 1 more minute and it would still be followed up with her yelling and screaming "PLEAAAAASE!"  Because, ya know, when you try to teach your kids the importance of please and thank you, they think it's being polite no matter how they convey the sentiment.

Lastly, when people ask how old she is, this is her response:

our dog is the ultimate photo bomber

No, she doesn't give a verbal response - even though she knows perfectly well that she's three.  She just prefers to flash her little gang symbol!

Until next time, because I'm sure I will soon have a few more gems to add for posterity...


  1. ADORABLE! I especially like the comment about working on laundry. Cute ones you got there!

  2. Such a cute post! How in the world could you tell that sweet boy that he won't be getting a turn to play in that game? (insert sad face)