A Few of My Favorite Things and December Ipsy Bag Review

I hope everyone had a spectacular holiday!  We had a great week filled with fun, family time, relaxation and indulgence - so much food, wine, coffee, reading, movie watching, sleeping...  It's always so enjoyable, but gets to be a bit much after awhile and I'm glad to get back into the routine next week.  I'm guessing a lot of other folks are as well, and I'm sure there will be the annual surge in membership at the gym.  But let's all remember (whether we started as a seasoned gym rat or not) we were new members at one point, too.

I'm changing up Friday Things for the new year and talking a 'few of my favorite things' (and a review of my latest Ipsy Bag) monthly, or more often if the mood strikes, (yes, it's a 'loving lately' kind of post). 

First up, the Ipsy bag!  In December I took the plunge on this monthly subscription service, which is similar to Birchbox.  I decided on Ipsy because it seems to have mostly full size products, it comes in a cute makeup bag every month and it's very likely to contain a nail polish, of which I am very fond.  It's also more makeup based than Birchbox, which I gather leans more towards skin care and the like.  So here's what I got in my first bag:

For the life of me, I can't figure out why it's uploading sideways...

  • POP Beauty: Bright Up Your Life Trio in Naturally Bare
  • Nicka K New York Nail Color in Classic Taupe
  • Nyx: Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Mute 
  • Be a Bombshell: The One Stick in Girl Crush

It's so fun to get a little goodie bag in the mail and I love the quilted black case.  But, the makeup was all a little 'meh' for me.  I liked the eye shadow colors, they're similar to what I use (when I use eyeshadow, which is about once a month) and the nail polish color as well.  But both seemed to lack staying power.  I had the opposite problem with the lipstick and blush stick: I liked the feel and staying power but not the colors I received.  It's only the first bag, and I certainly don't expect to love everything, so I'll give it a few more months and see.  I may switch to Birchbox, despite the sample sizes/no guarantees on nail polish.  Because, as much as I want to be less clueless about makeup, I'm more of a lotions and potions kind of girl...
A few more of my favorite things:

An iPhoneMy husband got me one for Christmas!  I finally joined the club!  And, yes, this is already a favorite thing for MANY people.   However, (I apologize to my friends who've heard my phone plan gospel already) not many people are aware of the greatness that is Virgin Mobile, which is my phone provider and truly one of my favorite things.  I've had their phone plan since my FIRST CELL PHONE purchase nearly 13 years ago and I've got zero complaints.  Thirteen years and I've never strayed from my no-contract plan should speak volumes.  Since I forayed into the world of smartphones about 3 years ago, I started paying just $35 a month for unlimited data and more minutes than I'll ever need on the phone (that's with all the taxes/fees, btw).  Yes, the up front cost of the phone is somewhat steep, but you more than make up for it within a few months.  

Little Day Dresses: I've been asked a few times about this dress that I posted on Instagram awhile back and love, love, love it.  
It's Ponte fabric, so it's got some heft for the colder months.  But with the sporty feel and short sleeves, I should be able to rock it with sandals in the summer.

Alex and Ani Charity by Design Champion Charm Bangle I got this as a birthday present to myself this year and, obviously, I love the runner charm.  It also benefits a cause close to my heart, the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  

Charity Miles App: I started using this app in November when the Oiselle team was invited to see how many miles we could rack up for Every Mother Counts.  Now it's a habit when I start any run that I choose a charity to donate funds towards.  Usually Stand Up 2 Cancer these days.

Neutrogena Hand Cream: this stuff is essential for winter.  Slather this stuff on every night and you're hands will thank you.

Uneeda Burger: I met up with running buddies at this burger joint a few weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about my Philly Smash burger...

And this was one of my favorite internet finds over the holidays: I mean, I suppose my girlfriends and I all dressed alike in college - but to this degree??  Although, I have no problem with rockin' the Han Solo look...

Also, I need to file this away as a favorite idea for when my daughter first says "I hate you."  Hopefully it'll be a long ways off, but I can't WAIT for my Bitch Mitzvah!  Well, not really, but this is a hilarious idea.

I've put the running playlists as tab along the header, and will add to it there. Oh, and, my favorite playlist song from 2013 is hands down I Could be the One by Avicii featuring Nicky Romero.  So it's fitting that my first playlist song for 2014 is an oldie from my club kid days that Avicii gave a nice little update: Rapture by Nadia Ali remixed by Avicii.

Happy weekend!


  1. Ooh, I love this Virgin Mobile lecture. I need to hear it. I've been considering moving towards a more nonconventional phone plan, but don't know many people who have plans like this, so it's good to hear positive things. Someday I hope that I can see you in real life so that you can tell me all about it!

    I'd think one of the challenges with a make-up mail-out surprise box is getting colors that match your skin tone and style. Do they do some sort of questionnaire to try to get you products that will match your interests?

    1. Haha, yes - hopefully we'll have a reason to get together again soon!

      They do have you fill out a profile, but I don't know how much it affects what you end up getting :/

  2. That dress is super cute and I never heard of that Charity Miles app. That is really cool and I should check it out! Have a great weekend!