My Fitness Closet

I had to link up to Pavement Runner's #fitnesscloset post because I love, love, love taking a peek into other people's stuff.  One of our favorite things to do when we were city dwellers was to take our Pug on nighttime walks and peek in all the lit windows.  Anyhoo...

Here's a look into my #fitnesscloset, which is really a drawer that's a wee bit over capacity:

This post is pretty much an ode to Oiselle and Brooks, with a few odds and ends thrown in:

Oiselle 50/50 tees are my favorite things to wear all the time.  All day. Every day.  
Just a sampling...
Not just for running!  Today's outfit brought to you by bird head lady.

When it's a bit cold out, my second favorite thing to wear all day/every day is the new Lux Layer.  I've already expounded upon my obsession here.

Everyone's wearin' Lux! Jenny, Me, Dawn

and a very close second favorite long sleeve is the Rundelicious.  

Rundelicious makes me a HAPPY runner.

Rundelicious, along with being fun to say, has a wee zip pocket on the back.  And it's on SALE right now!

Tanks, tanks, tanks!

And for warmer days, or  for layering, my Winona tank (on the left) is my new fave. Same super awesome fabric as the lux layer.  Although, the stripey simplicity tank (in the middle) holds a special place in my heart, as it directed me straight to the Oiselle website a little over a year ago and made me love all the designs.  And on the right is the mesh tank; they are light as air and will get me through the summer feelin' breezy.

As for bras, I normally wear the Champion Double Dry Seamless sports bra. 

photo via www.championusa.com

But, I'm breaking in the brand new Lesko Oiselle bra and, so far, so good! For those of you that are size A-C, I highly recommend checking out all of the beautiful Oiselle bras.  Let's not use deductive reasoning to figure out my size, 'kay?  Moving on...

I've been wearing my arm warmers quite a bit lately with my 50/50 tees, as it's that kind of weather that starts off feeling chilly but ends up being too warm for long sleeves.

What makes these arm warmers special?  Thumbholes!

As for bottoms, Lesley Knickers, as seen during the Valentine's Day Dash, are my go-to pretty much all year round.

For those two months it gets rather warm in Seattle, I'm always in my beloved Long Rogas or Bum Wrap.  

Violet Rogas with my mesh tank.
It's not a skirt! It's a wrap! This was my fastest race to date, so, the Bum Wrap's got SPEED.

I do have some compression calf sleeves from Zensah and Pro-Compression socks.  I mostly use them for recovery, but I'm thinking of wearing the Pro Compression ones to run Eugene...

Also for recovery, since most of my aches are in my hips/hamstrings after running, I got a pair of Aspaeris Pivot shorts awhile ago and really LOVE wearing these under my Time Out Sweats after a long run.  They're like a hug for sore muscles.

Gen2 Women's Black Aspaeris Pivot Shorts™
photo via www.aspaerispivotshorts.com

I happened to throw a pair of Thorlo Experias onto the counter at Nordstrom one day and, whoa, I love these socks.

I can thankfully put my gloves away for the season.  But when I do wear gloves, I put on these awesome Head SensaTEC running gloves I picked up years ago at Costco and they're still going strong.  The palm side is lined with grippy material and they have that handy SensaTEC material on the thumb and forefinger so that I can utilize the touch screen on my phone.  And if my hands get too warm, I can clip them together and thread them through my Amphipod or armband.

Any run that I do over 4 miles, I bring along my Amphipod.  I love how the Hydraform Thermal Lite contours to fit my hand and has cushioning around the bottle.  

photo from www.amphipod.com

Until I get that Bia Sport watch this fall, I still rely on my phone apps for tracking my mileage.  Tune Belt is my trusty arm band.  I know, I know.  I'm probably the only runner I know without a Garmin.  

Photo via www.amazon.com

In addition to the millions of Goody hair elastics that seem to regenerate all over my house (yet, I can never find one when I need one), I have a nice little stash of Bic Bands.  Love these headbands (they do NOT slip) and that they always donate a portion of the profits to different charities.

If there's even the slightest chance of rain, I usually like to wear hats.  So, yeah, I wear hats a lot.  I love the new Oiselle superfly cap that should be available on the website soon.

Look! Ducks!

And I also love the Brooks Nightlife Hat.

Nightlife Hat
photo via www.brooksrunning.com

Speaking of Brooks...  They're my go-to for all shoes:

I started running in Adrenalines (on the left) years ago and they're just the most comfortable on my feet.  Also, the Gore-Tex line of shoes (center) have been essential during the super rainy winter.  I can splash through puddles and my Thorlos stay dry.  They're also the trail version of the Adrenaline, a little bit stiffer, so I'll use them during the summer for my foray into some trail races.  Versatile!  Just recently I took the plunge on the Pure Project line and LOVE my Pure Cadence (on the right). LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.  I was worried about aching calf muscles, etc. because of the low heel drop, low profile shoe - but, again, Brooks and my feet = match made in heaven.  I wore them to one bootcamp for about a mile's worth of running and just decided to do my run the next day in them.  Six miles later, my feet and legs were nothing but happy.  Does this mean I'm not a terrible heel striker?  Even my one stubborn toe that always seems to get rubbed the wrong way in any shoe was totally cozy.  Why, oh why, did I wait so long to try these??  I want to buy 10 pairs. 

PS - local yokels, I'm pretty sure the Brooks outlet is having their Truckload Sale next weekend (April 6-7)!

Okay, what's in your closet?  I wanna see!  Go link up with Pavement Runner! And don't forget to enter my Oiselle giveaway for a chance to add to your collection.


  1. I love peeking at other fitness gear. Of course, I then want to do a little shopping to add to me own!...

  2. Living all of your Oiselle gear. I've been eyeing the rundelicious top and may have to pull the trigger on it.

  3. I like this post, so fun! Yay Oiselle gear.

  4. You have some great things in your fitness closet. Love all of your Oiselle tees, they make some cute ones.

  5. Oooh, Thanks for the heads up on the Brooks Outlet sale! I live down the street and I hate when I only find out about it the day of, while driving by it, when I'm already busy and on my way somewhere important.

  6. Ooh, do you have more details about the Brooks Outlet sale? I'm desperately in need of shorts, and Brooks are my favorites.

    1. oh, I'm sure they'll have shorts! just put the deets up on my Friday Things post :)

  7. Love these posts - I feel absurdly voyeuristic, but oh well. That stripey simplicity tank is adorable!