Friday Things

Y'all, my Pug is ten years old today!  Happy birthday Peeps!  I shall now kill you with the cuteness of ten years ago:

lookit those wittle claws! I die.

not even as big as my husband's forearm.

starting a long career of couch snuggling.
which one's the dog and which are the toys?

And here's a more recent pic; one of my favorites from Christmas.

Even though he's getting a bit gray in the muzzle, he's still pretty spry and the world's best snuggler.  Love that dog.

I was thinking of having a family birthday celebration with a green cake tomorrow: two birds, one stone.  Apparently now I have to get into the whole 'hiding Leprechaun' spiel with my five year old since their music teacher read them a story about catching Leprechauns and making a trap.  Did you know that this was a thing?  Just check out this Pinterest search on the subject.  One of my girlfriends from college gets into it every year, making a trap, leaving green food dye in the toilet (the Leprechaun used the potty!) and it's hilarious.  But, it's been her thing forever and, um, not really my thing.  I don't get into the whole Elf on the Shelf bizness and the like; I think our advent activities along with all the school ones are enough.  For, me, it all just gets to be a bit much.  I feel like every teeny tiny holiday lately is such a massive to-do with the kids: crafts, gifts, treats, etc.  We decorated a shoe box today and put our 'gold' in it and I'm not sure what's going to go down on Saint Patrick's Day morning.  Maybe I'll leave them some gold coins next to their beds/green dye in the toilet and call it good...

I suppose I'll have some time to think it over, as I'm aiming to go for a long run tomorrow - maybe 10, we'll see.  And here's what I've added to the playlist this week:

Clarity by Zedd

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Happy weekend!

2013 Playlist
Years by Alesso
Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
She Wolf by David Guetta, featuring Sia
Alive by Krewella
Illmerica by Wolfgang Garnter
Drowning by Armin van Buren
Give Me Your Hand by The Ready Set
Language by Porter Robinson
Cry for You by September
You Are My Diamond by Tiesto - featuring Kianna
Arguru - Deadmau5
We Are by Jus Jack & Oza, featuring Aeone


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