This Week's Eats

We have discovered our son's new favorite place on earth: the Family Fun Center in Tukwila.  Thankfully, it was a little perk for my husband's company and we all had the place to ourselves with lunch and tokens provided for us.  Have you ever seen the Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It, where they take the kids to this crazy, slightly nasty pseudo Chuck-e-Cheese place?  We have yet to visit that establishment, but this was pretty much the same deal.  I couldn't help thinking about that movie as my senses were assaulted non-stop with so much chaos, blinking lights and LOUDNESS.  Kinda like Vegas, but for kids.

But, oh, we'll be back again.  It ended up being a really fun time, it wasn't nearly as sticky and gross as I thought it would be (maybe I'll even venture into a Chuck-e-Cheese, now), and the people who worked there were all really friendly and courteous.  A manager even handed over a free stuffed animal to my baby girl when she broke down because we didn't have enough reward tickets to get her the same toy as her brother.  Reinforcing bad behavior?  Oh well, rules were meant to be broken every now and then...

Photo: Free reign at the family fun center in Tukwila

  • Monday - Pizza!
  • Tuesday - Chicken Divan with wild rice (I'd been hearing a lot about  www.Skinnytaste.com and I'm finally trying out a recipe)
  • Wednesday - tortellini soup with sausage and kale.  I'm kinda winging this one based on things I want to use up in the pantry and, loosely, based on this recipe.  Will let you know how it turns out...)
  • Thursday - penne with vodka sauce
  • Friday - chicken fajitas
  • Saturday - top sirloin steaks, baked sweet potatoes and wedge salads with blue cheese dressing
  • Sunday - tequila lime turkey chili I love this Pink Parsley recipe; I've put all sorts of ingredients into chili: beer, chocolate, ketchup... But never soy sauce or honey, and (in addition to the tequila) it just gives this chili an awesome and unique flavor.  LOVE.


  1. Fun! That place is much better than Check E Cheese:) Glad you had fun despite the sensory overload:)