This Week's Eats

This weekend had to be, hands down, the most fun weekend I've had following Twitter with all of the great marathon stories from Portland, the Twin Cities, San Jose and, of course, Chicago.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a 'one and done' kind of marathoner if I make it through Eugene next spring.  BUT... I can't help but think about going home one day to run the marathon.  Over the weekend, I was SO nostalgic for the days when I'd grab a latte, walk from my apartment over to boys town to hang with the best cheerleaders and watch the early miles where everyone is still feelin' good around mile 6 or so.  The commercials were all over the tv during my visit the weekend prior, and they definitely got me swept up in Chicago marathon fever. 

Speaking of Chicago (when aren't I, you ask?), I didn't really talk much about what I ate while I was in town.  It was hard to really take an eating tour, as my schedule was already packed and planned out for me.  I DID get myself a Vienna beef hot dog from Gold Coast Dogs: not as good as Portillos, but they were still a taste of home.  I ate a lovely dinner at Francesca's: a great Italian staple in Chicagoland.  And, I managed to finally try Xoco.  I tried the mushroom torta with goat cheese, black beans and arugula for a little something different.  It was delish, as was the guac and the bite of chicken torta I stole from my friend.  Hopefully on my next visit, I'll be able to hit up my favorite northside haunts... I will eat Pequods for pizza, Twisted Lizard for mexican and Cafe Ba Ba Reba again one day if it kills me.

*If you're playing along from last week's eats, we pushed this one back because we decided to go out for mexican instead.


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