Friday Things

Ahhh fall!  Pumpkin everything, comfort food, the beautiful leaves, perfect running weather, and the COMMON COLD.  Blargh.  As I woke up with post nasal drip killing my throat and my head feeling like it weighs a thousand pounds, I was thinking, "OK just get through the morning routine and maybe call it in on the recumbent bike with a book today..."  And THEN I nearly squealed with glee at the thought, "Maybe I'll just put a movie on for baby girl and take a nap after hitting Starbucks!"  It's such a fundamental part of my day to go to the Y and work out or take baby girl to school, that I just never really think outside that box very often.  And, yes, that's a good thing; but, I am not feeling at all guilty about watching movies with the wee one this morning while big brother is at school.

Also, there is a pug in this picture - can you spot him?
 Oh, and how can I forget one of the BEST things about fall - the return football and The League!  Netflix finally has season three available on the instant queue.  So we've been spending our evenings getting caught up for season four, which started last night and is patiently waiting in our DVR.  If you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and get caught up, too, on one of the funniest tv shows EVER.

Source: http://www.fxnetworks.com/theleague

Bonus points that it's set in Chicago and there are a lot of great Midwestern/Chicago/Chicago 'burbs nuances to the stories. 

Speaking of recommendations (like my lame segues on random Friday?), I also recommend checking this info out (from Oiselle's Facebook page):

Oiselle Running: Chicago is a Marathon Major. As such, it is governed by the IAAF. There are IAAF (and USATF) rules, relating to elite competitors, that restrict logo size and placement on singlets. These restrictions were established via long-standing agreements and financial partnerships between the IAAF, USATF and the leading shoe companies. As such, the IAAF/USATF restricts "logo space" on singlets, so as protect the interest of its financial partners. Problem is, most runners, even elite, cannot achieve sponsorship from leading shoe companies. And without the ability to boldly promote another brand, smaller companies are hesitant. Bottom line: pro athletes and the smaller businesses that want to support them lose. Some more info here: http://www.letsrun.com/2011/logo-1202.php

OK, I'm going back to the mainstream top 40 cheese for today's addition to the playlist because I just plain adore this song and I could watch Usher dance for days:

Numb by Usher

We Are by Jus Jack & Oza, featuring Aeone (10/5/12)
Chorus by Erasure (9/28/12)
Cinema by Benny Benassi (9/21/12)
Take a Walk - Passion Pit (9/14/12)
Starry Eyed Surprise - Paul Oakenfold (9/7/12)
Space Invaders - Mark Norman (8/31/12)
Beautiful People - Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi (8/23/12)
Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heroes (8/23/12)
The Veldt - Cover Pop tribute to Deadmau5 & Chris James (8/23/12)
Without You - David Guetta feat. Usher (8/23/12)
Good Time - Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen (8/17/12)
Addiction - Medina (8/3/12)
We Run the Night - Havana Brown feat. Pitbull (7/27/12)
The Night Out - Martin Solveig (7/20/12)
Tell 'Em - Sleigh Bells (7/13/12)
Sun is Up - Two Times (7/06/12)
Steam Machine - Daft Punk (6/29/12)
Arguru - Deadmau5 (6/22/12)
Now or Never - Outasight (6/15/12)
Major Tom - Shiny Toy Guns Remix (6/08/12)
Young Blood - The Naked and Famous remixed by Tiesto (5/18/12)
Call me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (4/6/12) 


  1. I couldn't find the pug in the photo! Love the note about athletes in Chicago and the ban on logos.

    1. haha! he's right below me - kinda looks like a blanket, but that black spot at the bottom of the pic (in the middle) is his ear :)