Ye Olde Racing Days

There has been so much talk online about this last weekend's Shamrock Shuffle that I couldn't help but reminisce on the days of yore when I was just a wee D.I.N.K. livin' the high life in Chicago.  Ahhhh memories... 

Then it got me to thinking, gee, I wish I had a race photo from back then - bet I looked pretty darn good well over ten years ago.  THEN I thought, huh, when did all this race picture stuff begin?  Must've been way after Mr. Gore invented 'the internets'...  How on earth did we know when a race was coming up??  I literally cannot remember, other than the Shuffle was/is always the weekend after St. Pats and we'd just go to Fleet Feet and fill out a form to MAIL in and go to the expo.  But I remember countless other races, Elvis Lives 5K was a favorite...  SO strange how the Internet changes every. single. thing.  And cell phones?  fuggheddaboudit!  I always ran the Shuffle with at least 2 or 3 other people.  How did we all manage to meet up before/after without cell phones?  Did I actually CARRY a cassette player around?  I must have.  We must have muddled through, because I have nothing but the best memories of fun and friends from Ye Olde Racing Days...


  1. OMG, I forgot about mailing in race registrations! And, actually, I think that's how we found out about races - those registration forms were included in the goody bags. Good times!