This Weeks Menu Plan

I absolutely love, love, love linky lists of recipes on other blogs.  My husband and I are pretty anal retentive and plan our meals every week and do one big shopping trip.  Well, I do the shopping trip and actually ENJOY roaming the aisles of grocery stores.  It's the ultimate torture when I have to bring one of the kids, or God forbid, BOTH of my children along to the store.  Whoever thought of those little 'shopper in training' carts should be forced to accompany kids on grocery outings on a daily basis with those things.  Yes, yes, they are super cute and sometimes the kids will actually follow me around the store and it's the highlight of their day.  But, I'd say that's a rarity.  On a few occasions I've found myself herding cats, I mean a 2 year old and a 5 year old, each with their OWN cart (share a cart? riiiight) going 80mph in two different directions around a crowded (when is it otherwise?) Trader Joes.  Anyhoo!  Where was I.... Oh yes, I figured my weekly recipe plan would be a good way to share my favorite dishes and hopefully get some recipe suggestions along the way from both of you who read this blog.

  • Monday - Pizza, always pizza on 'case of the Mondays' Monday.  Usually we'll make our own, but this week is Safeway all the way
  • Tuesday - Tilapia with basil pesto, green beans with almonds and wild rice
  • Wednesday - Enchilada Soup in the crockpot thanks to a yummy recipe from Pinterest.  Yes I actually try about 5% of the recipes I pin! I'm thinking that might be a high percentage...
  • Thursday - Chicken Taquitos - I'm pretty sure this made the rounds on Twitter and Pinterest awhile back, for good reason.
  • Friday - baked ziti with turkey sausage - couple jars of sauce, shredded cheese, sausage and layer/bake
  • Saturday - Beer braised beef with marsala mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes
  • Sunday - chopped salad with chicken, bacon and avocado (and any other random veg we have laying around the house by the end of the week)