Dad's Day at preschool

Yeah, it sucks when the kids get sick.  Mostly when little E doesn't feel well.  BUT, as B is getting older, I'm finding that sick days are really kind of.....  awesome?  Only in about the last 6 months or so he started to be able to lay around on the couch when he's really worse for wear.  When he was younger, he'd still be running laps around the house, moaning and groaning all the while.  And if it was a stomach bug, there'd be messes to clean up everywhere. run/puke, run/puke.  not cool.  But having a kid who can make it to the toilet to hurl?  bliss.  That's just one of those milestones that's not widely publicized but I was ready to do cartwheels and take him to Red Robin just like when he got the whole bizness end of the toilet figured out.  Now sick days are, I suppose, what most non-parent types think that we stay home moms do all day: lay around the house and watch tv.  Those days are pretty few and far between when you have school that starts at 9AM four days a week in addition to soccer, swimming, the Y, and hours spent at the park on good weather days that can happen really anytime here in Seattle.  I do love me a lazy stay at home day - especially when it falls on a rest day!  When the kids are sick on a long run day?  Don't love it as much.  So, anyhow, I feel absolutely no guilt sitting them in front of the tv half the day while we all veg out with breaks to take a shower and eat lunch.  That's how I remember sick days when I was younger; instead of Nemo and Ponyo, I watched Animalympics that we had recorded from the tv onto a VHS in a top loading VCR.  Talk about dating myself... 

Anyhoo!  After a day of sloth (and a nice dose of Motrin) B was feeling a bit better and itching to go to school today because it was 'Dad's Day.'  The school decided to celebrate dads during the school year since Father's Day is in the summer.  They all sang a few songs for the dads, made a very sweet art project:

 And we ate cookies and took pictures:

 Before getting some beer, of course:


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