Everyday Life and Menu Plan 8.29.16

Well, it looks like our summer weather is over for the most part in Seattle. I think we did a pretty good job of enjoying the sun while we could. The kids experienced their first mini golf outing and it was HILARIOUS. I told them that we were not competing, because I've had ENOUGH of competition from them over the summer. It was all about having fun and learning how to use a putter. We didn't keep score and I let them pick up and move their ball whenever, or let them sort of draaaaag the ball the last foot or so into the hole. But that elation over seeing a ball disappear into a PVC pipe to shoot out of a hole elsewhere was priceless.

We hit up the pool a few times and yet another new beach.
Waverly Beach was fun, but parking was treacherous and slim pickings. Also, there wasn't as much sand to play in - a huge plus in MY book, not so much for the kids. But, the park made up for it and we had a lovely day there.

It was also school supply shopping week, and I lucked out with a VERY quiet day at Target!
And it's teacher meet and greet this week! And the following week... SCHOOL STARTS! I'm seriously not the only one that's excited. My kids are kind of burned out on the pool, the Y and EACH OTHER.
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