This Weeks Eats 10.25.15 (And Pumpkin Carving!)

Another year, another pumpkin carving session DONE.  I know I get a little crotchety about Halloween, so I tried my best to get into the spirit.  My son is old enough to do his own carving with those serrated carving kit knives, and that made it a faster and more fun process.  

He made a Minecraft Creeper (of course), with a full moon and a cloud with a lightning strike - in case you didn't catch that.

We also decorated tiny gourds and I even roasted the pumpkin seeds!  (A little olive oil, sea salt and a few dashes of Lawry's seasoned salt at 300 for about 45 minutes - tossing a couple of times.)

The smell of cut up pumpkins and roasting seeds was rather nostalgic for me, and I suppose I can get a little bit more enthused about the whole process next year...  In addition to pumpkin seeds, here are this week's eats:
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