October Goals and September Recap

Where did September go?  That was a crazy whirlwind month, as usual.  And it really doesn't show signs of slowing down in October!  But before I get to that, gotta do a little self evaluation on last month's goals...

September Goals

Establish a routine, and try my everloving best to be patient with homework. 

The first part is still a work in progress.  Morning routines are down pat, which is the most critical.  And homework has been a BREEZE.  My kinder only has a reading log - not a five page packet of doom that her brother had when he was five.  This is a load off.  Plus, the third grade teacher is really easing us in slowly with just math and reading logs so far!  I wonder if the "homework isn't always beneficial" memo has gotten out?

Check off all school commitments: new year paperwork, volunteer application renewal, volunteer training, curriculum night, etc. 

Phew!  All those events and to-dos are done.  Just in time for the conferences and the school jog-a-thon to pop up in October...

Fill out a new day planner. 

Yay!  Isn't it cute?  I finally caved to one that has a weekly view, but it's still not an enormous thing to cart around in my purse.  Highly recommend Ban.do planners.

Go bowling!  

This was, obviously, a fun one to check off the list.  I'm amazed at how easy they make things for families nowadays.  Computerized bumpers that go up when it's the kid's turn, and back down again when it's the adult's.  Plus little ramps for the five year old to roll her ball down.  So cute!  
And, of course, black lights and rock music.

Get myself a haircut!

Done!  Aaaah, another fall chop - pretty much like the last time I got a big cut.

Tackle downloading/organizing those iPhone pics.

Yeah, I nearly broke my computer waiting for them all to download, but it's done.

October Goals
  • Get the kids (and ourselves) scheduled for flu shots.  (Fun!)
  • Get cracking on Halloween costumes, decor, carving pumpkins, trick or treat plans on the same night as a soccer game, blahhhhhh. (I kinda hate Halloween.)
  • Finish up fundraising/paperwork/volunteering for the kid's jog-a-thon.
  • Schedule the dogs for boarding and get ready for another trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.  Oh yeah!
  • Start training for a 5K!  I recently realized that the Snohomish River Run was moved to a Sunday this year and don't think it'll work with our schedule, so I opted for the Redmond Turkey Trot instead.  I'm really glad about this, because I've wanted to tackle another 5K and don't really feel like another 10K goal race after doing two last year.
  • Finish up Once A Runner and prepare for the in-store wrap up of Oiselle's inaugural Long Distance Reading Club - last month I was tasked with leading up the Q&A for this new book club venture and you can get the gist of how the first half discussion went down on Twitter via the #LDRclub hashtag.  The wrap up will be another Twitter chat on the 13th at 5:30 PST, as well as an in store gathering at 6:30 - come on out and help me dissect this book!


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