This Weeks Eats 10.11.15

Another busy fall week has come to an end.  I started my regular volunteering gig at the kids' school the same week that I was helping out with the biking unit in PE class, as well as the annual jog-a-thon.  

I put in at least six hours last week, but it was all so much fun - especially the jog-a-thon.  I'm really impressed at how big brother paced himself to run the entire time this year, since he's prone to sprinting and walking or chatting.  He got way more laps this year. 

Soccer is also taking up a fair bit of our time.  The games are much later in the day this year, leaving less time to prep our Saturday night (after the kids go to bed) dinners.  We're getting pretty good about doing what we can ahead of time.  And I think we're going to do the One Pot Cheesy Italian Sausage and Spinach to make things even easier this weekend, since we'll be recovering from a little trip to the Great Wolf Lodge...

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