This Weeks Eats 4.13.14

Ahhh, it's been a really lovely week.  I was dreading the fact that my husband had to take a business trip while the kids were on Spring Break.  But, we've had such amazing weather and took advantage of it all week.  And, yes, I did watch E.T. with my son.  I have so many observations to make that I'm writing them in a post - lest I forget the hilarity.

Spring Break got off to a great start with a long play date that began with lunch at the park, included a walk to gelato, and ended at the beach.

Actually taking turns and playing well together!

Everyone and their brother was at the zoo this week, the most crowded I've seen it.

I also managed to fit in a ten miler on Thursday, and it was glorious.  It was the first time I've run double digits in almost a year!  I also did a few tempo miles today and was slightly shocked to see that my pace was the same as the last 5K I raced.  I've been feeling really good with my running lately and I'm wondering if part of it has to do with the weather...  

The BBQ Pork Salad we tried last week was excellent.  The summery BBQ taste over salad was satisfying and refreshing on a warm evening.  I'm thinking we'll make this quite a bit in the coming months, maybe even with my favorite Pioneer Woman pulled pork that's more spicy and less sweet. I don't know why I never thought to make this kind of salad before!

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  1. So glad the solo parenting on spring break worked out! The weather has been fantastic. And how awesome that running is feeling so good, too!

  2. You're menu [almost] makes me wish I ate meat! Everything sounds so good. I've loved being outside the last few weeks. Now? It's snowing. Can you believe it?!?!