April Goals and March Check In

Goals from March 

Drink that 72oz of water a day!
I did much better at this last month, adding an 8oz glass of water as soon as I wake up in the morning and remembering to drink a glass (or a glass of Nuun) with my lunch.  I realized that I hardly ever drink anything when I eat, which is weird, right?  That was an easy fix.

Start going to yoga.  
Yay!  I actually set foot in a yoga studio for the first time in my life!  I really like this place; they offer a variety of classes at various temperatures, not always hot.  I definitely feel like it's been beneficial and will try to keep up after I've used up my Groupon. 

Figure out Spotify.  
I downloaded the app, set up my account and one playlist.  I don't know if I'd call that 100% figuring it out, but I'm LOVING that I can pick out specific songs to listen to and will continue to investigate this nifty app.

Get back to monthly photo posts.  
I did organize my January and February photos offline, but have yet to arrange them for a collage.  Adding that to April goals...

Goals for April:
  • Finish up monthly photo catch up!
  • Have a plan for the kids birthdays and get presents.  Both my kids have early May birthdays and it gets a little hectic, although I've been trying to ease away from 'big party' expectations, we shall see...
  • Get out to the trails at least twice a month.  Now that the weather is getting much more Spring-like, I really need to take advantage of the trails while the kids are still in school, and I already got one day in this month!
I feel pretty lucky that I live near places like this to go running.
  • Lastly, go to the chiropractor at least once a month for an adjustment/ART.  I felt really great during/after my latest long run (an 8 miler!) and I really want to keep the whole injury thing at bay.  


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