This Weeks Eats 9.15.13

I made it back to Veggie Grill last week and had a fabulous lunch with my mini.  She tried the chickn' nuggets and gobbled them up even faster than the tried and true mac n' cheese.  This seems to be the way of things with my daughter, she changes her mind quite frequently.  Once beloved foods become ones she won't touch with a ten foot pole.  This usually coincides with a trip to Costco, wherein I buy vast quantities of the beloved string cheese/yogurt/chicken nuggets, only to have her declare her disdain shortly thereafter.

Good thing she's so flippin' cute..

It's been two weeks of making school lunches and I'm beginning to feel rather grateful that my son is pretty much the opposite and has never become bored of his tried and true favorites.  Favorites that are super easy to throw together in the crazy, crazy mornings: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, hard boiled eggs with crackers, or leftover pizza are pretty much the staples.  I usually throw in some fruit, snap pea crisps or chips, and a couple Trader Joe's Joe-Joes sandwich cookies.  After being a half day kindergartner, this is practically the highlight of his full day experience at school.  We also provide a snack every day and I've been buying Cliff Z Bars for this purpose, but am considering the Peas and Thank You homemade version.  Hopefully I'll have a report next week on how they went over!


  1. Ooh, homemade Cliff Z bars- I've got to try those! My daughter is like yours- keeps changing her mind, other than nut butter sandwiches. Those aren't going anywhere.