Day in The Life

I've thought about doing one of these posts before, and now I have the perfect excuse with the link up that Jill and Angela are doing.  Without further ado, here's a thrilling 'typical' weekday in the life of this stay at home mom.

7-8:15AM:  Roll out of bed and make sure everyone (including myself) gets dressed, fed, and teeth brushed. I also mitigate many sibling fights, make big brother's lunch and get him to the bus.

9-11AM:  After the bus pickup, baby girl and I arrive at the Y for our exercise time (for me) and play time (for her).


11-12PM: Errands, grocery shopping, etc.  If there's none of that on the agenda, baby girl and I spend time at a park, on a playdate or baking before lunch.
Second best part of grocery shopping: car carts! Best part?  Free cookies from the bakery.

12-1PM: Lunchtime and kitchen cleanup from the whirlwind of breakfast/lunch making.

1-2:30PM: Bath time for baby girl while I supervise from my adjacent shower and then laundry (or other crap that needs doing around the house) with my little helper.  I've always done baths for the kids during the day, because they're usually sweaty from the Y or the park and it opens up more quality time with Daddy in the evening.  We're still working on getting big brother to shower after dinner..

good times

2:30-3:30PM: Nap time/quiet time where I usually park it on the couch with some coffee and the computer, or a book, for about an hour.

If The Mister is working from home and his schedule is light, I get out for coffee and he takes over the schedule until bus pickup or later!

3:30-4:30PM: Rouse baby girl, get ready to pick up big brother from the bus and have after school snack.

4:30-5:30PM: Hang with big brother, mitigate sibling fights or try to calm the crazy play (depending upon the day, or minute).  Do homework and dinner prep.

5:30-6:30PM:  The Mister arrives home!  Pawn the kids off and finish dinner (or pawn the dinner off and go back to mitigating kids).  Eat dinner, try to finish homework.  Give thanks for the days we don't have soccer practice or swim lessons at this hour.  Once full day school starts, there just doesn't seem to be enough time left in the day...

Daddy time!

6:30-7:30PM: Watch a tv show of baby girl's choice, while hopefully getting big brother to shower, and put her to bed at 7pm.  Watch a tv show of big brother's choice and put him to bed at 7:30pm.  The Mister and I take turns on who has the bedtime duty of teeth brushing, flossing and book reading.

8-10:30PM: Ahhhhh.  Our book reading time, computer time, tv watching time or grownup dinner eating time and then it's off to bed before we start it all over again!

Like looking into other people's closets, it's fun to get a glimpse into other people's days.  What's your day like?  Link up here!


  1. Oh I love the days when I'm not tag teaming with my husband to get kids to activities!!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. wow i think i've said this on every mom's post, but you all amaze me!