This Weeks Eats

We had a nice and relaxing/uneventful weekend and I must pass along a movie recommendation: Safety Not GuaranteedMark Duplass was already high on my list of favorite actors (Pete is my favorite character from The League "It is DECIDED!") and he just bumped up a notch with a hilarious and endearing performance in this movie.  Very cute, very awesome. 

Since I didn't have much of an appetite last week, I'm definitely making up for it with some indulgences this week...

  •  Monday - pizza from LOU MALNATIS! Woo! Got our one of our favorite x-mas gifts already from my mom.  Thanks, mom.
  • Tuesday - Mediterranean chicken pasta
  • Wednesday - turkey burgers (season the hell out of lean ground turkey with salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, oregano, a finely diced garlic clove, and fresh cilantro. Add some breadcrumbs until they're just dry enough to form into patties. Throw some jalapenos on the grill with the burgers and then put them on top with a slice of cheddar to make them 'jalapeno popper' style, or even hide a mixture of diced chiles and cream cheese on the inside...)
  • Thursday - hot dogs from PORTILLOS! gonna make it an indulgent week of fun eats from home.
  • Friday - artichoke chicken and wild rice
  • Saturday - girls night out (finally gonna catch the last Twilight installment)
  • Sunday - Pasta e Fagioli soup

Check out the menu love over at Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers; as always, click on the links for more weekly eats!


  1. Ooh, I like indulgent weeks. :) Our dinner's are relatively healthy this week but we have all sorts of dangerous sweets floating around!