This Week's Eats!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that you actually got that extra hour of sleep.  Thankfully, my youngest is trapped in her crib (mwuhahaaaa!) and my oldest waits for his 'alarm' to go off before he leaves his room, so we got a wee bit of extra shuteye before we heard them banging around in their rooms.  I highly recommend clocks that have some sort of light up feature if you have a child transitioning out of a crib.  We got one fashioned like a stoplight for our son because, with his car obsession, he was well aware that red meant 'stop' and green meant 'go.'  He's had the clock light since he was three and has followed the 'rules of the road' ever since.  It's also been a Godsend for when he stopped napping in the afternoons and now plays in his room for 'quiet time' while the red light is on.  Here's something similar, if you're in the market for such a thing.

OK, on to food!  I thought I should report on new recipes from last week: buffalo wing turkey burgers = good, broccoli pesto pasta = baaaad.  Broccoli just didn't translate well to pesto for me.  Blargh.  I still love Smitten Kitchen and I'm for sure going to check out her book, but this one didn't do it for me.   

I'm posting this a little early to jump on the weekly menu link up at Mommy Run Fast.  Click here to check out even more weekly menu goodness!



  1. Yes, I am on the market for one of those clocks, how did you know?! :) We just made the big girl bed switch a few weeks ago, and mornings are earlier and naps are shorter (or sometimes skipped). Thanks for sharing. And for linking up! :)

    1. hrm, could be my crystal ball laying around. :) Well, I must admit, I'm always surprised that my boy follows the rules of that clock, as he defies me in most everything else! So, results may vary...

  2. I am going to get a clock like that for my daughter! She is definitely an early bird, and keeping her in her room for quiet time has been a struggle. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Way to go with the clock light! Sounds perfect!