Bad Ass Mother Runner (BAMR for short)

I love the BAMR acronym that the almighty Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell use over at Another Mother Runner and that I am part of the BAMR tribe.  They are an inspiration, as well as the most enthusiastic supporters of moms who love to run.  You can learn all about the them here, and read this great article from Runners World April 2012 issue on moms making time for running.  I've been lucky enough to attend one of their Run Like a Mother house parties:

AMR Seattle house party this summer, with SO many great running peeps!

And I was also lucky enough to be featured on their blog this summer for their 'Why I Run' feature.  It's another great 'gettin' to know me' post for anyone who's never stopped by here before; which I think is A LOT of folks, since I got a weeks worth of page views today!  Thank you for visiting! 

I think I've said it before that if SBS and Dimity ask me to jump, I'd say "how high?"  Yes, today is no different: I got a lovely email from Heather (Michigan Runner Girl), who writes over at Another Mother Runner, inviting me to be profiled for their recurring 'Follow this Mother' featureI love how they pulled it together and so, for the second Thursday in a row, I invite you to click over to (what is sort of) a guest post at another very awesome blog. 

You should ALSO click over to this link at Another Mother Runner to enter their Garmin giveaway.  I pretty much put it out to the universe that I am indeed going to run a marathon next year because of their Twitter contest.  Time to jump, we'll see how high...


  1. Ha! I was actually there - I don't know if we met then or not. You see half of my head behind Sarah! LOL I was hiding out in the back. :)