Mustache Dache 5K Race Recap

I deliberated for quite a bit about doing the Mustache Dache because it was the weekend before the Seattle half and a 5K might not be the best idea while I'm trying to avoid any tweaks or injuries.  Amazingly, nothing hurts right now!  I have a hard time holding back in a 5K (isn't that the point of the distance - to go all out?) and didn't know if I wanted to spend the money/take the time away from my family if I was just going to run three miles for kicks.  Also, as I've said before, I enjoy pushing it to see how fast I can go, but I don't think the 5K will ever be my 'thing.' I like adding distance much more than adding speed.  Buuuuuuut... an Active Schwaggle popped up, it's for a great cause and seemed like a great opportunity for fun and socializing!  So of course I caved and told myself it would be good to practice racing conservatively and maintaining a pace that wasn't 'as fast as I can freaking go.'  I ended up doing everything possible to make sure I didn't have a fast race - so I guess that's a good thing...

The day before, I did my last long run in preparation for the Seattle half and it was a slog.  I wanted to get in 8, but I was super tired from being up the night before (with a crazy good book and then a kid with nightmares) so I called it quits after 7.5.  My legs were certainly not 'fresh' on race day.  I also stayed up late again because I HAD to finish that book and went to bed the night before the race around 12:30, about two hours later than I would have normally.  I figured I could sleep in a bit because the race start was at 10AM - how awesome is that??  But, of course, my daughter decided to wake up at 6AM which she NEVER does.  Thankfully, my husband got her, but I couldn't get back to sleep and just laid in bed until I had to get moving.  Needless to say, I was cruising on fumes that morning.

After eating breakfast (oatmeal cooked with frozen banana and Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut butter, mmmm hmmm) I said goodbye to my kids about 100 times before finally escaping out the door.  I was going to have them come along, but they are getting into the habit of associating mommy's race days with going to the children's museums with daddy.  If it was a super nice day out, we would have convinced them otherwise and they would have had a great time; the race was very kid friendly.  But, the weather was rather 'meh' and rain seemed imminent, so I went solo. 

The race was held at Magnuson Park, which meant ample parking!  I love it so very much when races have easy parking; it eliminates about 75% of race day stress.  Maybe even 90% with the added likelihood of not needing to use gear check.  I arrived about 45 minutes before the start and had no issues parking nearby with plenty of time to pick up my bib and go back to my car to stash my stuff. 

As I headed back to the revelry at the race start, I immediately began to see familiar faces and it was great to hang out and chat with running blogger friends, and meet some new folks, beforehand. 

Stached up pre-race - they didn't last long after we started sweating it out on the course.  Photo stolen from Sarah.

I did so much chatting that I didn't really pay attention when everyone started lining up, and I ended up in the back of the pack.  Eh, I reminded myself that the race doesn't really start until I cross the mats and that it was a FUN run.  I was hoping to get a bit of a tempo workout in and do 8:45ish miles once I got into a groove, but I totally underestimated how many people were there to walk the course.  I had to do some major weaving for the first 300 yards or so only to hit a huge bottleneck as soon as the course went onto the trail; we had to stop completely and barely walk for a good tenth of a mile or so.  Instead of a tempo run, it ended up like a little interval workout: slow jog/speed up, repeat.  Ah, well. It was my own fault, as friends who were smart enough to weave their way to the front before the start said that they didn't have any issues.  I chalked it up to yet another guiding force making sure I slowed down. I was able to look around and enjoy myself; there were some great costumes - I ran next to a guy dressed as a taco for most of the race.  I ended up averaging about a 9 minute mile, so not too far off what I was hoping to accomplish.  Final chip time: 27:57 and, most importantly, still feeling very un-injured: bonus.

Post race amenities were awesome and I might have taken more advantage of them if it was better weather and I didn't already have brunch plans with the group.  There was a big stage with an emcee and music, a beer garden, food trucks, espresso cart, good post race fuel (Mojo bars, Lara bars, salty snacks, bananas and my fave: chocolate ReFuel), a mechanical bull (!) and FREE photobooth pictures.  Actually, all the pictures from the race were free.  I was a bit bummed that the cozy cotton tee wasn't included in the entry fees, but pictures available to download totally trumps a free shirt any day.  Unfortunately I wasn't caught on film by any of the photographers, but I appreciate this idea and hope other race organizers give it consideration for future races.

Overall it was really fun, and I'd most certainly consider doing it again next year.

Another great photo op: petting the giant 'stache! photo also courtesy of Sarah


  1. How was brunch! No one reported back to me on it? ;) Great to see you and I'll be looking for you on the Seattle course...I'll be on the sidelines sipping coffee keeping warm!

    1. haha! it was great! thx for the recommendation :) They had eggs bene with spinach, which I LOVE :) Hope Wicked was awesome.
      I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for ya Sunday!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Wish I was there:) Good luck on Sunday! I actually am signed up for the Seattle Half, but can't go since we will be out of town. Hope the weather gets better for you:)

    1. OMG, yes - this weather better not continue!

  3. Congrats on the race - what a cute idea! I hear you on trying to be careful before a big race to avoid any injury. That is great you are still feeling well! I'm eyeballing a half marathon to schedule in right before that full marathon in the Spring. I don't know, makes me nervous for the same reason, to avoid any unnecessary injuries. But, I need that mileage and running really long alone can be challenging too. I will probably schedule it but maybe hold back a bit during that half and just use it for the mileage? Good luck with your upcoming half!

  4. Love the photos with stache's from this one, awesome. And free race photos? Wow! Glad you had a fun race even though the weaving and crowding was crappy. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck in the half this weekend!

  5. The free photos are a fabulous idea! And I've totally done the whole get-stuck-in-the-back-because-I'm-not-paying-attention thing.