This Week's Eats

So if you follow me on Twitter, you can probably guess how we decided to spend our dinner out for our ten year anniversary. 

We were just craving margaritas and stuff yer face tex-mex food.  BTW, that's a cinnamon sugar rim on my tamarind margarita - drooooooool.  We're huge fans of vacationing in Mexico; we went to Cancun for our engagement, to Cabo on our honeymoon and babymoon.  (Pro tip: eat at Edith's if you go to Cabo. Best meal of my life is the tableside ceasar salad and filet mignon.)  So it kinda made sense for us to chillax and celebrate 10 years this way.  Afterward, we drove over to the new Total Wine store in Bellevue and bought a bunch of alcohol! 

 We'd been wanting to go back there without the kids (don't touch that! get back here! gaaaah!) and just peruse the aisles.  We ended up with a ton of great stuff that's been hard for us to find in Washington over the last eight years: a good selection of Chateauneuf du Pape, Rutherford Hill Cabernet, Hacienda Cabernet (TASTY red for $5!), Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and an old favorite of mine:

We also discovered that our case of Bordeaux, that we bought at about $25 a bottle before leaving Chicago, is now selling for over $100 per bottle.  Soooo, we might just break one of those bad boys open with a nice steak dinner at home in a few weeks to keep the anniversary celebration going...


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