Ten Running Questions

OK, I'm a sucker for Q&A stuff and, not that Sarah and Dimity said to jump; but if they did, I'd say, "how high?"  Here's Sarah's original post with her ten and here's Dimity's.  Aaaaand, here's mine:

1. Best Run Ever: errrr...  This is almost like a trick question because, to me, the races are never 'the best!' while I'm running them.  It's the training runs that are fun/therapeutic/etc.  Which is good, because that's where we spend the most time running, right?  I love a long slow run along the Sammamish River Trail on a crisp fall morning and when everything clicks and I feel like I could keep running, even when I'm done with double digit miles. 

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2. Three words that describe my running: habitual, therapeutic, strong

3. Go to running outfit: duh, Oiselle!  My favorite bottoms are the Bum Wrap or the Long Rogas and if it's warm, my stripey simplicity tank or one of their fabulous tees (long or short sleeve) if it gets chilly.

4. Quirky habit when running: I've thought and thought about this, and I can't really think of anything REALLY quirky - which is weird, because I have some quirky habits in general...  I suppose I get OCD about music - I keep away from my favorite playlists until I really need them for a hard workout like a tempo or progression run, so that I don't get sick of them.  Most of the time I turn on Pandora or Another Mother Runner Podcast to pass the time with an easy/long run.

5. Morning/Midday/Evening: MORNING, it's the only time my schedule allows for me to get to the gym with the kids, etc.  But, thank goodness for that because I get too tired after lunchtime and can't imagine mustering the energy to work out late in the day, or how to eat/fuel for late day running.

6. I won't run outside when: it's snowy/icy - thankfully that doesn't happen too often in Seattle.  The rain doesn't deter me; I sweat pretty profusely, so after awhile, I'm drenched either way. 

7. Worst injury, and how I got over it: Funny you should ask, I think I'm dealing with my worst 'injury' right now.  My left glute, hamstring area started hurting just over two weeks ago - not really sure why.  So, I starting going to PT and I'm doing some deceptively simple exercises for my lumbar/sciatic area and it's starting to feel better after just a week.  I also got the OK to run as long as it doesn't hurt; so, lots of slow going for right now.  But, it's better than being sidelined!

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when: hmm, toss up between the day I was accepted as an ambassador for Oiselle and my second half marathon: where I shaved over 10 minutes of my first half with about four months of training.  I felt really good about that race.

9. Next race is: The Snohomish River Run Half Marathon on 10/27 (and I'm still gunning for a sub 2hr PR, despite my injury...)

10. Potential running goal for 2013: well, I DID sign up for my first 26.2 - hopefully I'll stay injury free and not have to switch down to 13.1 for Eugene.  But I also RILLY, RILLY wanna do a relay and run Ragnar or Hood to Coast.

So there's my running life in a nutshell.  What does your running life look like?  Please feel free to play along and leave a link in the comments!


  1. Once again, you remind me that I need to get on listening to some podcasts while running. Or books. Or something other than watching 30 Rock on the treadmill.

    1. Nothing wrong with spending a little quality time w/Jack & Liz!

  2. I didn't realize you are injured now - hope you feel better soon! No fun. I'm excited you signed up for your first marathon, and I'm hoping to come to Eugene for the half next year.

    1. I hope to see you there!! I'm way jealous of all of you doin' CIM - can't wait to follow the tweets on that one :)