January Monthly Meal Wrap Up

This month was ALL ABOUT the Half Baked Harvest Cookbook by Teghan Gerard, of the excellent blog with the same name. This is the most appealing and most flagged recipes of any cookbook I've had in recent memory. 

We've tackled two dinner recipes this month, since I tend to only have the gumption to introduce a new recipe into rotation every week or two. Both were quite tasty and I have at least two more that we will try soon - her mac n' cheese recipe and a pasta sauce that calls for a CUP of olive oil. Yes, please.
First up, we made the Caprese Quinoa Bake.
This dish was super simple and a great make-ahead meal, of which I am a fan. I would reduce the amount of quinoa by about a half cup in the future, to give it a little more creaminess.
Most recently, we tried the Slow Cooker Butter Chicken - yet another easy and make-ahead meal.
I have a 'thing' about attempting Indian food at home. It's just never the same. Now, I'm not saying this was quite at restaurant quality, but it was delicious and definitely going into the regular rotation.
I also put together one of her refrigerated overnight oats recipes, the Pecan Banana Bread, which I'd also give a thumbs up!
We also tried a new General Tso's chicken stir fry recipe, via Delish, which was indeed delicious.
Also worth noting, the new slaw/salad kits at Trader Joe's are SO GOOD. 
An easy lunch option, and a good way to eat your veggies.
Next month, I will be eating my way through NASHVILLE and oversharing everything I eat there, and hopefully some equally delicious new at-home recipes!


  1. I'm thinking of ordering this cookbook for the Caprese Quinoa Bake recipe alone! Thanks for sharing!