Everyday Life and Menu Plan 4.3.17

Yay, back to meal planning! After San Diego, we did some pantry clearing and easy meals, making day of decisions for dinner. Definitely helpful on swim lesson night and the school music performance night. (Ah, the dulcet tones of the entire fourth grade class playing a recorder... It was super cute, though.) As much as that affords us the freedom to choose what we want each night, I find it more of a pain to make a decision and inevitably have to go to the store for something. 

This hold from the library came in last week and I'm having fun looking through it, and we'll try a recipe this week. One problem with making dinner five or six nights a week is that most cookbooks are filled with recipes that seem like one variation or another on what we make already. But the Curried Chicken with Coconut Lime Rice and Yogurt Sauce sounded a little different and tasty - we shall see...
We're heading into spring break today and are doing the usual 'mom as cruise director' week. Perhaps we'll plan a trip next year, but this year's big trip will be to Chicago for a family wedding in May. So staycation it is! Thankfully the unusually elusive sun came out to kick things off and I have a few ideas up my sleeve for entertainment, including the kid's first Cirque du Soleil show.
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