Everyday Life and Menu Plan 5.8.16

It's that time of year again, when we celebrate the kiddos birthdays!

My youngest turned six last week 
and my oldest turns nine this week. We do presents and cake at home on their actual birthday and then a joint celebration dinner out for both. This year they were into the idea of getting to wear a sombrero, which was awesome.

And since it was such a lovely week, I emailed a handful of parents from each of the kids' classes to a little last minute park play date over the weekend and it turned out to be such a fun surprise. I told people not to worry about presents, just brought about two dozen mini store bought cupcakes and water bottles, and called it good. It was SO laid back that I forgot to even take a picture of when we sang happy birthday. But it was perfect and they were so funny whenever another friend showed up: MOM! It's so weird! JACKSON is here and wishing me a happy birthday - how did he know??? I think we may try to do this every year if the weather cooperates.
View on my long run this week to illustrate our weather lately. I also had a lovely Mother's Day, mostly spending time with my Kindle and enjoying my cards from the kids.
This one says, "I love my mom because she thinks about me and gives me hugs and kisses." Phonetic spelling is the best, especially 'finks' for 'thinks.' And the boy child's project was pretty cool this year:
Each card had a reason I am great: I help out at school, I make him laugh, I make Nutella waffles, and I am the BEST mom! Aw. It's the first time in three years that I haven't been celebrating at The Great Wolf Lodge. That's next week...

This week!

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