Oiselfie a Day Pics

Since I wear Oiselle pretty much every day, I thought it would be fun to post a picture a day to Instagram, and tag them #oiselfie.  Indeed, it did turn out to be fun, and I learned a lot about the art of the selfie.  Namely, take at least 30 pictures for every one good shot!  I put links to products on the Oiselle website where I could; again, just for fun and for sharing the love!  If there's not a link, definitely check your local running store or perhaps Amazon.

Je M'en Vais tee with my favorite Target cardi (appropriately, translates to Here I Go)
My favorite shirt of the new fall season, Flyte Long Sleeve
Vintage Paris tee

Flyte tank (fyi, if you get this sumptuous top, size down - but not for the long sleeve)
Unintentional matching with my mini, Happy Hoodie, Mesh Tank and Lesley Knickers
Stripey long sleeve, a Starbucks staple
Hands down my favorite running bra EVER. Strappy in new neon yellow and Winona Tank - love this combo
I'm pretty sure I wore my Trials Hoodie to every soccer game

Day of the Chicago Marathon, had to wear the Born + Raced namesake tee
New Lesley Tights are so freaking awesome - nice thick and comfy supplex fabric
Old school Stripey tank with new school Charcoal Strappy bra
Old school big run long sleeve tee on a gorgeous fall day
Day of sickness, new Lux Pants are perfect for pretending that you got dressed when really you feel like you're wearing pajamas

Not much cozier than the Time Out Sweats and a Pug
Onward tee and a favorite J. Crew hoodie
What I like to call my 'bossy' tee - Big Run tee with Happy Hoodie
Foggy day calls for my Clearly vest
Stripey long sleeve strikes again, but in pink

Heart Motor tee with arm warmers
Rhody feather tee
Stellar stripe tank, with yet another Target cardi and a chunky scarf
Happy Halloween - Go Fast, Take Chances!


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