Monthly Meal Wrap Up - July

In keeping with my summer bucket list item of ramping down blog posts, it has been AWHILE since I talked menu plans. To be honest, I felt like the weekly format was getting a little stale. Even though I write it all down and plan weekly, so much is similar from week to week and not exactly noteworthy every seven days. Since I DO still like to refer back to new things we've tried and fun things we eat, I thought I'd switch it up and start doing a monthly wrap up. (Weekly menus are always available to scroll for ideas, though - which I do myself quite frequently!)

Speaking of the summer bucket list, the kids and I checked off blueberry picking and we made these delicious blueberry muffins from Smitten Kitchen, as well as many stacks of Sunday blueberry pancakes.

We've also done quite a bit of grilling and chilling, and made an old favorite that pre-dates the blog - so, a recipe we dug up from nearly six years ago!
Mmmmmm. Dry rubbed flank steak, with chimichurri sauce that we served with roasted potatoes and wilted spinach. The recipe is from a long ago show on the Food Network that has stood the test of time. Alas, The Hearty Boys has not.

My husband showed me this roasted cauliflower and quinoa recipe he found on NBCNews.com and said that it seemed so interesting (vinegar soaked raisins! Capers! Coconut Oil! Tumeric! Toasted garlic!) that we had to try it. 
It was fantastic: the flavors totally work and were ADDICTIVE. We served it with some simple grilled chicken, since this recipe is rather complex. In the future, we might just skip toasting the quinoa.

Also on the summer bucket list was to try a new summer cocktail and I did that RIGHT AWAY. This Gold Rush Cocktail from The Kitchen has been my go-to: bourbon, an easy honey syrup, lemon and mint.
We didn't do too much eating out this month, other than fun festival food like shaved ice at the Bellevue Arts Fair...
And I always stop for a Fisher Scone, which I did at the Kirkland Classic car show. 
However, we are heading out on a little road trip this week and my birthday date night got pushed back - so there may be a bit of restaurant recapping going on for August. 

I also thought it'd be fun to delve into more cookbooks (Can't get enough books! Alllll the books!) so I picked up a few from the library and will hopefully find some fun new recipes to share.


  1. I love seeing what others are eating! Helps get us out of our supper ruts!

    1. Same! It's one of the reasons I started sharing recipes/menus years ago, since I loved reading so many others' posts :)

  2. Yum!!! Fisher fair scones, my favorite scone ever. I'll eat all of the Portillos in Chicago if you eat all the Fisher scones in Seattle!!